Catalysm repack 4.0 Alpha Mangos Core

-CataDev Repack V2.5-
Catalyst Cataclysm Core (CCC) V.2.2 Mangos 9884 + SD2 1691 + latest fixes for client build 11927
Catalyst Database (Cdb) V.2.1 spawned world on UDB 390 basis with Acid 3.0.4 + latest fixes

-What the repack offers-
A Mangos core with Cataclysm Alpha support.
CDB: Spawned world database with ACID and latest fixes
Explore the new and changed regions in Azeroth!
Play the new Worgen or Goblin.
New spawnable Cataclysm NPC's
New Cataclysm Items
*This is a Mangos Server!*
Catalyst Repack v2.5(download link)
Note: Mysql server isnt included. Please get one from Xampp or otherwise.

-Coming Soon-
Catalyst Repack v3.0

CDB V3: Completely redone database!
Improved stability because of a complete error cleanup.
New .Tele Locations
CCC: Some Crash-Fixes  

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