WoW private server 3.3.5 repack

CRonic's Repack V1.8 3.3.5a BLIZZLIKE

Rev: 3559

Core: ArcEmu

this is a 3.3.5a working repack things i've done that other 3.3.5a repacks dont have!

  - [REMOVED] Completed Folder In C:\Cronic's Repack v1.12
  - [Added] More Dialogs
  - [Added] Pit Of Saron Fallen Warrior Lua Script
  - [Fixed] Displayid of Ymirjar Skycaller
  - [Fixed] Deathwhisper Necrolyte Lua Script.
  - [Added] Scourgelord Tyrannus Spawn/Say Script After Garfrost Death
  - [Added] Scourgelord Tyrannus Tunnel Script.
  - [Added] Lever Fix's
  - [Added] Weapons On Soulguard Watchmen & Wrathbone Laborers.
  - [Fixed] Deathbringer.lua Fixed Casting Issues.
  - [Added] Forge Of Souls, pit of saron quests.
  - [Added] Allianceslave.lua
  - [Fixed] Garfrost.lua Fixed phases.
  - [Fixed] LordMarrowgar.lua Added missing number.
  - [Fixed] Adept.lua Fixed casting issues.
  - [INFO] Fully Scripted Pit Of Saron - 90-95%.
  - [INFO]Fully Scripted Forge Of Souls - 80-85%. (80-85% v1.12)
  - [INFO]Fully Scripted Halls Of Reflection - 5%
 [Report Any Bugs To Cronic At Ac-Web via PM or Post]
Spawn Other Half Of RS
DO Better Scripting On Devourer Of Souls.
Bronjahm Spawns A Corrupted Soul Fragment after using "Corrupt Soul" Spell

if you find any bugs Report them via Private message or on my post!

* Version 1.11 *[Mirror 2 - V1.11]Mediafire:

* Version 1.12 *[Mirror 3 - V1.12]FailBeam:
Password: ilovecronic

Update 001 -

Update 002 -

~ Recently Added ~ Update 003 -

Bugs Fixed Started To Fix Not Started
Invicible reins arent mounting.
Elemental Mastery - Cast time of your next Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning or Lava Burst spell is reduced by 100%.
However, the hunter quests are bugged. "Taming the beast" When you try to tame the dire mottled bore, surf crawler, and the armored scorpion it waits until the end of the taming and fails saying "Invalid target".
Execute Doesn't Work Correctly.
Thunderstorm, Works, but not Regenerating 8% mana
Animals, harpies, mobs in general are still standing in one spot seemingly everywhere, but definitely in and around bloodhoof village, crossroads, camp taurajo, etc.
Juggernaught warrior talent doesnt work
gift of naaru only targets self.
Penance(if casted on yourself or a friendly unit) will cast one bolt at you and the other two will go to the nearest npc/mob!
Credits to Cronic 214