3.3.5 trinity repack

New Version(V2.8 Release) Available!
Support World of Warcraft Client version

More changes in the file structure of the repack to make it user-friendly and a Trinity GM helper addon is included.

Added a custom feature introduction so that newbie to the repack can understand and use these features easily and quickly.

Also added a FAQ file in the repack.
Crash fixed in the previous version.
Added lots of updates mostly to northrend raids and dungeons.

For more details please see the documents in the repack.

Current version v2.8(Release)(Updated on 3rd July)

Current version log(you can also find it in the repack):


1.Latest Trinitycore and Database(Updated on 3rd July)!!
For the hundreds of official updates,please see Jeutie's update log!!
(including all the official bug fixes and possible crash fixes)

2.More optimaztion implemented and various typo fixes!!

3.Ahbot(Auctionhousebot) Added!!

4.Bot(Playerbot) Added!!

5.Ruby Sanctum well scripted!!(Including Trinity offical scripts)

6.Ulduar well scripted!!
Very very good Yogg-Saron fight
Very very good Mimiron fight
Algalon fully scripted(needs testing)!

7.Icecrown Citadel well scripted!!
(LICH KING encounter working almost perfectly as well as achievements!!)
(11/12 left only gunship battle)!!

8.Pre-TBC TBC WOTLK(3.0-3.2 DUNGEON AND RADIS) code revised!!
(I am improving and adding scripts and databases to the vanilla,TBC,WOTLK instances which may have been forgotten by Trinity.)
Trial of Champion is working perfectly!
The Oculus is working perfectly!

Forge of Souls finely working!
Pit of Saron finely working!

Halls of Reflection working amazingly!!
Lots of minor fixes for TBC and Vanilla instances including boss AI updates,trash mobs updates and many many more from me.

9.Wintergrasp well scripted and working!!

10.Jail Added!!

11.Preventing players from accessing GM Island!!

12.Anticheat System Added!!
Tip:If you are eager to see the Lich King or you don't want to kill all the four bosses at the end of each section,type ".cast 70860" to teleport you to the Lich King plateau.

Adding those features to the core is really a very very difficult task for a genius,let alone for an ordinary people like me.

The repack is just for debugging and testing,I suggest you never use that to create a private server.I will NOT be reponsible for that.

What is an ahbot?
It is a server-controlled bot useful to keep auctionhouses on low populated realms constantly full of items for characters to buy.
It can also act as buyer, so that characters will always have someone buying the items they put on auction.

What is a bot(playerbot)?
Playerbot lets you login your other characters from your account as bots that can be controlled to automate combat, facilitate trade, accept quests, complete quests, handle movement, manage inventory, and much much more...

How to play with a playerbot?
You should have 2-10 player per account to start the playerbot.Login the character you wish to play.You can add the rest of the characters in world to act as your raid or party members controlled by computer.
The commands are:
.bot add BOTNAME (add character to world)
.bot remove BOTNAME
For more configuration please edit worldserver.conf.
For more commands please refer to the documentation included in the repack.

What is the repack aiming at and the history of this repack:

This repack originally is intended to provide a stable and clean blizzlike one while Jeutie is in hospital and temporarily can't work on his fantastic project.

And now Jeutie is well and back working on his official Trinity Project!So this repack will evolve into a more custom repack.I will try my best to add more custom codes and features into it.

I will update this repack regularly so check it if you can and you will find surprise!

As is always the case,I need your feedback to perfect the repack and encourage me. Have any problem?Post on ac-web I will help you as soon as possible.

Special thanks to:
Ac-web:for providing an easy environment of repack releasing.
Trinity:for their devoted work on core and database updating.
Jeutie:for his Mysql configuations.

Ac-web and I never support any form of illegal private server.We are NOT responsible for any harmful effect from illegal server caused to you and your cooperators.
This repack is meant only for study and personal use.

Repack Downloadlink

Mediafire:Click me!
Filebeam:Click me!
DBC DOWNLOADS:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VPYMC3LS

MAPS DOWNLOADS:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LFZXN8TN

VMAPS DOWNLOADS:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZJQ5B90G

(Thank Jeutie again for these links!)
For those who wants access to the database,the account is root and password is ascent.

Installing tutorials are already included in the repack.
If you have come across problem executing .exe files,please make sure you have installed the following properly:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable:


And also .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.0
.Net Framework 3.5:http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netf.../cc378097.aspx

.Net Framework 4.0:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/e...displaylang=en


Anonymous said...

Hey Id Like to say this REpack is the best Ive seen for a Long time but I got one little Problem Dude i dont know what it might just be me but the mobs wont attack me IF i attack them Do you know how I could Change that I want to do the Whole Icc fight and I cant because they wont attack me and there hp just regens but apart from that Repacks the best

Anonymous said...

Hei, i have a problem.
when i want start the authserver.exe there is an error.
"XXX.dll" miss.
pls help

Anonymous said...

Try .gm off :) hope it helped :)

Daniel Karlsen said...

i would love to get this working ;P

Daniel Karlsen said...

why can't i start up Worldserver?

Tej Tyson said...

hi, when i try to run worldserver file it turns off aytomatically, is there anything that i can do for it?

Anonymous said...

hi how do i create a gm/admin account, my account is lvl 0 and i have no gm commands :(

Anonymous said...

To fix that, go to google... type in "DLL Fixer"... Download the DLL fixer, .. when you launch the program, go to search DLL and type XXX.dll and install in on your computer.

Rouger said...

You can download Navicat and you can modify account levels in there.

Anonymous said...

everything is working, except the playerbot. When i write ".bot add Sarah" (name is just for example) than i just say it ingame. But nothing is happen.
what can i do?
sorry for my bad english :)

Anonymous said...

hey your DBC Vmaps maps links does not work does them work whit Jeutis original maps vmaps and dbc?
thank you

Anonymous said...

PlayerBot not work ...